But sometimes the world has to shake you up and tear everything down before you see that things have to change. After all, they say there are no new perspectives without eradicating the old ways.

You probably think that the way you're doing things is just the way it should be

 I think a lot of you can relate.

What if I asked you:

What would you charge if you owned your value?
What if you had the strategies to stop being underpaid and feeling undervalued?
How many hours would you work if you were calling the shots?
How would if feel to stop feeling like an employee, and step into being the badass CEO of your business?
What would you do differently if you believed you were worth it?
What would it be like to have a business that supported your lifestyle? How would that change your life?

Trust me, designing a life-friendly business that fulfills you personally and financially is totally possible.

You just need an expert who's done it for themselves to show you the way.

And, that's where I come in

I grew up in rural Fresno, California on a farm, where I learned that good girls work hard, get married and squash themselves down to fit inside society's box. That message was embedded in me so deep. And THAT persona is the one I embodied for years.

It's why I ended up spending over a decade climbing the corporate ladder as a Corporate Controller. It's why I settled for less pay than my male colleagues. It's why I undervalued my prices when I started my own Accounting & Advisory business over 25 years ago. And, it's why I worked 12 hour days and barely saw my daugher.

I let life pass me by, missing moments that mattered, and I lost my self-worth along the way. So, when a 6.9 earthquake shuddered through at work one day rocking everything in its path. I took this as my sign from the universe to start again.

I'm Pamela Brewer
and I'M WORTH IT .

 I work when I want, for who I want and command the prices I want. It took me a couple of decades to get here but, I finally know my own worth.

Through my courses, VIP services, guides, planners and mentoring I help women accounting professionals charge what they want, earn what they want and work when they want.

LET's have a chat

cheers, panela

  •  I now live in the high desert of Sierra Vista Arizona with my husband aka the “bear” as I like to call him with our 2 fur babies, Abby and Daphne.

              Bear calls us “the Bear and Boogie show”.

  • I love a nice glass of Petite Syrah paired with a yummy piece of chocolate.

  • Swimming in my pool is my happy place.

  • And on Mondays and Thursdays you’ll find me and sis either biking or hiking and exploring new trails on the Huachuca mountains. Priceless!

I CHARGE my worth.
I OWN a lifestyle business, and now
I MENTOR other Women accounting professionals just like you to do the same.

So let's talk about your business. Let's chat about what you want to do with your precious time.

And, let's make some money while we tear things down and rebuild the business you've always dreamed of running.

These days, I have a LIFESTYLE business.

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