Self study courses for Accounting & Bookkeeping firm owners who are stuck in the low-pricing and over-delivery trap.


Have you been stuck in your accounting business, knowing you should create packages for your ideal clients but don’t know where to begin?

This  course breaks down the package creation process into easy steps. With a little bit of thought and creative brainstorming, you will have three packages created and ready to launch.


VIP days are a proven method that will help you quickly increase your income AND your profits.

This course will show you exactly how to plan and set up your own virtual VIP days.  You will learn the exact strategies I teach my private clients in my Earn More Work Less VIP Day.

You'll have a NEW approach to delivering your expertise including DFY templates.

Boost Your Profits with vip days

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This easy-to-follow 5-lesson course is packed with actionable steps to price your services profitably  and efficiently so your reaching your desired income goals.

With each step focused on the aspects of your business relevant to pricing your services, you'll be able to quickly zero in on the ideal pricing model for your services.

 Profitable pricing essentials

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-Desiree Rose

 “ Pamela taught me strategies I did not know existed. I was able to implement them quickly and increase my income 3 fold.  The best part is I am actually working less and making more money than I thought possible without a team."

- Kiana Gilmore

 “I feel "smart," if that makes sense..  I hated feeling like I didn't know what I was doing, and that money was falling through the cracks  And now  I'm on top of things. it feels so comforting knowing we are on the right path
And I have you to thank!

- Cindy Evans

 “Learning my Money Archetypes was such a compelling exercise and the reading you gave me was so on point. Sometimes I feel schizophrenic about money and I have had a very challenging relationship with money but with your help I am finally working through and shifting my mindset. I am so grateful to have met up with you on my journey.”

-Shelby McDaniel

 “Working with Pamela has been life changing for me personally and for my business.  I now have clarity about  my business and myself, and how I can live the life I want because of all the work we are doing!! This business is giving me FREEDOM to relax more and not stress  about money!  I am so thankful for you and for all your help!.”